Friday, November 10, 2023


As we enter the Christmas season, we often ask "when science fails, can faith find a way?"
Perhaps this short. from ACG's Adventures into the Unknown #91 (1957) holds the answer!
Did writer/editor Richard E Hughes and artist Ogden Whitney base this tale on an oft-heard urban legend?
Oddly, when the story was reprinted in ACG's Unknown Worlds #18 (1962), it was retitled...
...and nobody can recall why!
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Friday, October 27, 2023

Halloween Hospital Horrors CRAZY "Wolf Man"

It's Almost Halloween!
Is it gonna be trick or treat for... this never-reprinted story from one of Atlas' numerous MAD-clones, Crazy #5 (1954)

Artist Dick Ayers rendered this tale in a style quite dissimilar from his usual Western or horror material.
The writer, though, is unknown, but may be Stan Lee, who was the editor of the line, and wrote a lot of the comic's stories.
BTW, we're returning to bi-weekly status for the next month.
If the viewer count remains high, we'll go back to weekly from December onward.

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Halloween Hospital Horrors TALES OF THE ZOMBIE "Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth"

If you can't figure out what this story is going to feature just by reading the title above...'re definitely reading the wrong blog!

Written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Virgilio Redondo and Rudy Nebres, this story from Marvel's Tales of the Zombie #10 (1975) was a non-series feature.
The book featured tales of Simon Garth: the Zombie and Brother Voodoo (who was also appearing in his own feature in Strange Tales), along with one-shot stories like this one plus articles about voodoo and zombies in both pop culture and real life!
Sadly, this was the final issue...but it would (appropriately) rise from the dead from time to shown below!
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Friday, October 13, 2023

Halloween Hospital Horrors HOT STUF' "Heartfelt Thanks"

Remember the movie Fantastic Voyage, about a surgeon and his support staff...
...miniaturized to enter a patient's body to perform a delicate operation?
This is like that...up to a point!
Didn't end quite the way it did in Fantastic Voyage, eh?
Written by Kathy Barr and illustrated by Ken Barr, this somewhat grisly tale from SQP's Hot Stuf' #8 (1978) was one of his last comic stories before transitioning to doing movie poster, magazine, and book cover paintings on a full-time basis.
Though he did numerous covers for various Marvel magazines and paperbacks, he never did one featuring Doctor Strange.
However, he was the cover artist for a Marvel series featuring one of our featured super-surgeons...Doc Savage...doing all the magazine's covers...except the first issue's, which was the 1975 movie's poster art by Roger Kastel.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Halloween Hospital Horrors EERIE "Anatomical Monster"

Every medical student is familiar with Gray's Anatomy...

...the illustrated medical reference book, not the TV series.

Even after 165 years, the tome is still the definitive guide for anatomy!
But...what if an anatomical illustration could come to life...and kill?

Illustrated by Alvin C Hollingsworth and scripted by an unknown author, this tale from Avon's Eerie #11 (1953) is truly the stuff nightmares are made of, and a perfect way to kick off our month of Halloween Hospital Horrors!
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As we enter the Christmas season, we often ask "when science fails, can faith find a way?" Perhaps this short. from  ACG's  Ad...